Reporting on Course Duration

  • 8 February 2022
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Hi all - when I try to report on Course Duration, I keep getting blank fields on the report. Can anyone tell me what I need to add to the Course to report on Course Duration and what data this field is actually pulling in? I thought it might be average time but I have added this to several courses and still getting a blank result. The report is looking for the duration of an eLearning course. Thanks!

9 replies

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For your blank ones - are you filling in the Average time for the course under  Advanced Properties » Time Options?

Please note that 30 minutes here will show as 1800 on the report.

The report is in seconds.


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I am filling in Average time but it does look slightly different on my end compared to your screenshot. See my screenshot below where Average time is under the ‘Details’ tab not ‘Time Options’:


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@emermuldoon - Mine has changed to look as yours does since I posted that screenshot.

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@gstager Oh no! Is your report now showing blank Course Duration times or can you still see the fields populated?

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I was only referring to the look of the UI in that screenshot.

I had not attempted running a report since that update but thought I would quick to see.

I cannot seem to do anything with reports at all at the moment. Lots of errors just opening the page.

Hmm… something else to investigate...


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That’s odd! Hopefully maybe it’s just a glitch?

I tried to rerun my report and I am now seeing the Course Duration being populated.

I haven’t made any changes to the Report or System so I’m not sure what I’ve done right or what I was doing wrong before!

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I ended up removing and re-uploading my SSL cert to include an Intermediate CA.

That cleared it up.

I can see the time in seconds which creates more work but at least it is simple math… LOL

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Hi @gstager,

Unfortunately, someone has hidden my Course Duration data.. again!

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I created a report today to allow us to identify new eLearning courses that have been created. We would like to see the duration of the new courses but of course this field has decided to populate as blank despite having added an average time to the new course.

You mentioned re-uploading your SSL cert - can you tell me where you did this just for my own curiosity? 

Thanks so much!

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@emermuldoon - For re-doing a cert -if you go to the admin menu and select advanced settings, go to HTTPS

On that page, if you already have a certificate in place - you should have an option to remove it.

Click that button and you should then get the three options to upload.

To be clear - I had to do this because I needed to add the Intermediate CA 

Hope that helps.