🏆 Weekly Leaderboard Update - Sep 13, 2021

  • 13 September 2021
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🏆 Weekly Leaderboard Update - Sep 13, 2021
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Good morning Docebo Community :blue_heart:


It’s a fresh new week which means a new leaderboard. Wondering who made it to the top and levelled up last week? Check them out :point_down: 


:checkered_flag:The top 5 from the leaderboard last week were:

  1. @lrnlab
  2. @Cindy McElhinney 
  3. @nichole.chandler 
  4. @giulio.cipone 
  5. @mark 

@lrnlab holds the top spot again but @Cindy McElhinney wasn’t far behind! Congrats everyone :raised_hands:


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week, we welcomed 18 new members :boom: We can’t wait for you all to introduce yourselves and to read through the other intros as well to get to know your fellow community members. Big shoutout to @SineadFormby who didn’t waste any time ranking up to Novice I. Great work! :thumbsup:


:trophy: Leveling Up

Take a look at the other 6 members who also climbed up in their ranks last week:


@mjtheriault   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@philippa jane   - Newcomer :point_right: Novice I

@Jtischler  -  Newcomer :point_right: Novice I 

@Jenna M.  -  Newcomer :point_right: Novice II 

@nichole.chandler  -  Novice I :point_right: Novice II

@gcrawford88  -  Novice III :point_right: Contributor II 


@Jenna M. and @gcrawford88 both moved up not :one: , but :two: ranks! That’s right, we see you :eyes: . It’s really awesome having our members engage in this community and continue to move up in their rank each week. :chart_with_upwards_trend: Keep it going!!


ICYMI, we launched our first ever Docebo Community Health Survey to get your valuable feedback. Thanks to those who have already completed it! 

Bonus: if you complete it by Sep 22, you’ll have the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card (a little kick start for your holiday shopping :gift: ).


Wishing you all a wonderful week! 

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18 new members last week, awesome! It’s so great to see new faces in this community each and every week. @Jenna M. and @gcrawford88 nice work with the “double” level up! Thank you both for continuing to collaborate and help others in this community.