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Assign Courses by Employee / User Anniversary Date

  • 18 July 2023
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Hello, team,

My context: supporting all eLearnings for employees. Specific group asking is around compliance trainings.

My ask: Has anyone worked out a system to assign courses to users on an annual basis based on their hire date’s anniversary?

The scenario: we want to assign compliance trainings that would need to be renewed/refreshed on an annual basis. We currently believe that we have to deliver this based on the calendar (i.e. pick a time and date and assign it annually). Some of my stakeholders would like to see it assigned on a rolling basis to every user based on their anniversary. I see a significant administrative burden to managing escalations/compliance by each person individually like an anniversary date system would require, but trying to see this through.


My first insights: Certification & Retraining doesn’t work perfectly. I need to be able to change the courses, so it can’t just be one course forever. I’ve looked into switching the course out from the Certification, but that could get in the way of folks who are in the middle of re-certifying.

Automated Groups don't seem to really work either as the only operators for that depend on a specific date in time for a date-specific field. So I can’t set a dynamic date, it has to be on/before/after/between a specific date in time. I’d love it if I could make it on/before/after/between [today] or [the anniversary date].

Thanks to the collective thinkers for any insights!


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If you can wait a little but, you can use the Enrolment Archiving to do that. WIth archiving, you can archive the previously completed courses and re-enrol the user in 1 go. If your course has time settings (valid for x days from enrolment, for example) this will be applied when they are re-enrolled. I know if may not be the exact solution you need but it’s pretty close. I did hear that they are also supposed to add an ‘scheduling’ option for archiving so you wouldn't have to do all this manually.

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Thanks - I’d seen this around the community, but not thrilled. It’s a good bandaid but it doesn’t really get to a better lifecycle of courses/data.


Even with that being deployed, could Certifications & Training tool be used to automate folks compliance refreshes on an annual renewal at their hire date? I don’t see Automated Groups pairing with C&T to accomplish that task in their current status.

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I initially wanted the rolling renewals by some anniversary like hire date but now that we have multiple annual trainings I actually prefer our current configuration. Rather than hit everyone with 4+ annual renewals at once I break them up so they go out over the course of Q1. Although some employees would prefer to knock it all out at once I think most appreciate having it spread out a bit.


You benefit from a fairly easy rollout with group rules like ‘anyone with a hire date before jan 1 of current year’ and the entire company (aside from new hires) is renewing the same training at the same time while not asking 3.5+ hours of their time in one month.


I also build in a group rule so anyone on an extended leave of absence is not part of the group and is not enrolled until they return from leave (it’s possible that those few people WILL have multiple trainings to do at the same time). That may not matter to you but I don’t want to start the validity days clock for someone to complete a training until they’re actually back at work. 


I’m sorry I couldn’t provide an easy solution to your problem but figured some I could be a voice for continuing to do it your way.

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Thanks @hchewni - that is insightful! Can you provide screenshots of one of your date-based group automation rules? Specifically including how you exclude leave of absence. That would definitely be useful for our purposes.

Also, I agree with you - I think a concentrated time that they’re delivered is better than running it based on anniversary. My stakeholders prefer anniversary. Just working to determine the best functional way if possible at all. At the moment, it’s not.

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Sure @willingworth! This is a screenshot of the 3 rules I used for most of the trainings. They’re all based on additional fields I’m pulling from our HRIS. If you aren’t getting a field for extended leave from your HRIS I’d recommend it.



I also use the on leave field to determine who gets notifications about incomplete training which only matters when someone inevitably goes on a leave of absence before they’ve completed a required training. Docebo will, unfortunately, continue to run the clock on their validity days but they won’t come back to numerous reminders in their email. 

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Ah, that’s what I was expecting but wasn’t sure if there was more nuance. Yeah, I had to get that On Leave field in there. Don’t want to bother folks who are away.

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@lrnlab Any updates on the scheduling of archiving? Would be great to be able to tell the system to archive all enrollments of a course on April 1 every year and have them re-enrolled. Like “Heat Stress - Safety” related training items showing up every May 1 for the US.