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Deactivate user accounts automatically?

  • 4 March 2022
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If a user in a particular branch or group has not been logged into Docebo for more than a month, can a rule or any setting be set to automatically deactivate those user accounts?


Best answer by lrnlab 4 March 2022, 16:11

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Hi @Chelsy Koshy have a look at the Automation App. although it does not have an option to deactivate users, it c an set an expiry date for users who have been inactive for x days.

You can also do this manually using the user export that shows the last access date and then work back from there. You can filter out these users on your screen then select them all and make them in active. There is an option under the Custom Actions button called Status where you can deceptive en mass.

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@lrnlab It’s a great information. I think Automation app will do what I need. Thanks for sharing this information!

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with the Automation App, set a “SCHEDULE RULE” to have more options as shown in the great Docebo documentation


Condition: User has been inactive for

This condition can be triggered when a user has been inactive for a defined period of time.

Once this condition is selected, use the Values section below to set the behavior of the rule, then press Save Changes. Once added, review the active conditions, then flag whether all of the above conditions must be satisfied, or if at least one of the above conditions must be satisfied. Press Next to continue.

Select an action from the Define Action dropdown menu. With this condition, you can use the following unscheduled actions:





Follow up question on the Automation App and Deactivating Users… I want to set up a rule that if a user has not logged in within 1 year (365 days) then their account is deactivated.  When I was attempting to setup, looks like only +30 days is my option.




it looks like the options are:


30 days


New rule screen - options are to “Schedule Rule” or “Do Not Schedule Rule”.

  • should I “Schedule rule”? or just have the rule always running?


New Rule - define condition, the best option to use would be “User Logged in”?


if user logs in then set Expiration to “today +30 days”…. would be better to make that “+365”​​​​​​ days”?  That possible?


Then i just have to “activate” the rule by checking the Green Check Mark button.


Anyways, i tested the rule as built, it works.

But I want someone to have more than just an extra 30 days.


If someone only uses the platform once per 90 days, or every 6 months, I want their log in to still be active.  Otherwise we’ll have customers emailing support, and we dont want unhappy customers!