Managing Performance Reviews in the LMS

  • 3 June 2022
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Does anyone have any ideas for managing performance reviews as part of the LMS. So far our team has come up with Observational Checklists (hence OC) assigned to managers. The problem with this is you can’t reassign an OC to your direct report once you, the manager, has filled out the OC. In addition to that, a lot of agencies have compliance requirements that state the performance review has to go to HR for approval there too. So we have a three step process using OCs, but it seems clunky and honestly confusing for the users. 

Does anyone have a better solution for handling annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and perhaps even monthly performance reviews? 

2 replies

Have a look at his post: Mid year performance review | Community (

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I’d be interested to here more about this. Our current appraisal system is being managed locally with word documents.  I’d love to know if we can use Docebo for managers and employees to manage these documents centrally.