Docebo Community Check-in: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

  • 17 August 2021
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Happy Tuesday everyone!!


It’s been a while since our last community check-in so take :hand_splayed:  and check out what’s been going on inside.



Last week, I posted my intro and am thankful for all of you who took the time to read it (and :thumbsup:  it!). I’m really excited to be your Community Manager and have the opportunity to get to know you and be part of your Docebo journey!


:loudspeaker:We now have over :one::zero::zero::zero: members 

This really is an incredible milestone, especially since the community has only been live and public for just over 4 months now. To keep with tradition, I’d like to take a moment to recognize our 800th, 900th and 1000th members.

  • :eight::zero::zero: @Lauren_UserTesting 
  • :nine::zero::zero:  @erik_davis 
  • :one::zero::zero::zero: @ShawnTabb 

We’re excited about this ever-growing community and we can’t wait to celebrate our next milestone together. Don’t forget to go back every once in a while to check out the intros from all our newcomers. Also, any bets on when we’ll get to 1500 members!? Let me know in the comments :point_down:


✅ Questions & Answers

Throughout the past month, we’ve had 53 questions and although we’ve had many replies, there have only been 9 best answers. As this is lower than we’d like to see, here’s a friendly reminder to select one of the replies as the best answer. In doing so, you’re letting us know that your question has been answered which is also helpful for other members who may have the same or similar question. The good news, the power of this community is shining bright as 100% of the 9 best were answers from a peer. This is proof that this community is leaning on and learning from each other. :clap:


💬  Help others

Here are a few posts that have yet to receive any replies. If you can help, please jump in and share your thoughts!


🏆  Leveling up

Did you know that our weekly leaderboard resets every Monday? This means that each week you have the opportunity to be at the top of the leaderboard (who doesn’t love a little friendly competition!?).

As for our All time leaderboard, shoutout to @lrnlab for clinching the number one spot and for being the very first member with the rank of ‘Guide’ :raised_hands:. Not far behind is @abartunek who is moving up quickly in the ranks. The race is on to see who will become the very first ‘Hero’ within the community. Who will it be? We’ll have to keep an eye on the these top 5 members from the All time leaderboard:

  1. @lrnlab
  2. @Cindy McElhinney
  3. @Stephan-TrainingOrchestra
  4. @abartunek
  5. @Annarose.Peterson

If you need a refresher on points, ranks and badges, click here.


⭐️ Most popular posts

Here are a few posts that had the most interaction over the past month.


📅 Save the date!

Docebo’s August 2021 release is coming soon. Let us know if you plan to attend and be sure to register via the event below to grab your spot! 


:bookmark_tabs:Coming soon - New Guide

We’re paying attention to what you are searching for in the community and most recently the top search has been on notifications. In this new guide, we’ll provide the top notifications you can use to elevate your programs.


:rotating_light: Just one more thing

There are perks to being part of this incredible community and one of the most recent is having exclusive first access to Docebo Inspire 2021 Virtual Conference. That’s right, Inspire is back and you are seeing it first! Check out the event page to register and don’t forget to RSVP to let us know if you plan to attend. 


For those of you who made it to the end, thanks so much for sticking with me! There’s a lot in these community check-in’s but my hope is that they are helpful and valuable for you. On that note, please let me know your preferred cadence for these check-in’s moving forward.


Thank you all for being part of this growing community and for continuing to help shape its future :dizzy:



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