🎉 It's time to celebrate Docebo Community!

🎉 It's time to celebrate Docebo Community!
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Survey is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated in making our 3rd birthday extra special!


Many of you know that May is a special month for Docebo Community but for all our newbies that have joined us since last May (there’s almost 2000 of you!), you probably don’t know that on Friday, May 17...


Docebo Community will be turning THREE 🥳


We are absolutely blown away by the continued growth of this community and it wouldn’t be what it is without each and every one of you. Thank you all for the time you invest in making this community the best it can be!


(If you are interested in seeing the community growth across all three years, be sure to read all the way to the end of this post where you’ll find the metrics as well as key highlights from the community, including the number of groups and guides launched this past year.)


Now, let’s have a little fun, shall we?


To celebrate, throughout the month of May, we’re giving you the chance to earn our very awesome Docebo Community third birthday badge. 




Pretty awesome, eh? By earning this badge, you get ONE ballot into our birthday draw for the chance to win 1 of 6 available gift cards (see ‘Draw Information’ below for the amounts)!



To earn the this celebratory badge, all you have to do is complete at least one of the following:

  • Submit our Docebo Community Health Survey

    • this important survey helps us ensure the community continues to bring you value and to determine the ways we can improve
    • we encourage everyone active in the community to take this short survey, even if you’ve taken it before
    • if you want to receive the birthday badge for completing the survey, simply leave your email address (the same one associated with your Docebo Community account) in the space provided at the end of the survey


  • Mark a reply to your question as the Best Answer 

    • we want you to get in on the celebrations and give you the ability to gift another community member the birthday badge for a chance to win
    • to do this, all you have to do is mark one of the replies to your questions as the Best Answer (see the Questions section in this post for more info on this) and the member whose reply is chosen will be awarded the third birthday badge! 
    • we’ll be adding a section in the weekly results posts with those that have had their reply tagged as the Best Answer and earned the birthday badge each week in May


  • Attend our birthday social event on Friday, May 17

    • if you’re into trivia and winning, you won’t want to miss this 🙂. Let us know if you plan to attend 👇👇👇



But of course, we also want to give you the opportunity to earn an EXTRA ballot into our birthday draw! That’s why we’re giving away an extra ballot to anyone who reposts/shares our birthday social posts on LinkedIn. If you’ve shared, simply copy and paste the link to your LI profile as a reply to this post so we can confirm (and you may get some more followers on LI as well!)



Draw information:

  • Our birthday draw and winners announcement will be held the week of June 3rd
  • All those who have earned the birthday badge will have ONE ballot in the draw
  • An extra ballot will be given to those that have shared our birthday social post on LinkedIn
  • Here are the prize details for each of the 6 available gift cards:
    • 3- $100
    • 2- $50
    • 1- $25



Important Dates to remember:

May 8 - Birthday month announcement + Health Survey opens

May 17 - Birthday Social Event

May 31 - Health Survey closes

Week of June 3 - Birthday draw and all 6 winners announced



We hope you have fun celebrating Docebo Community turning THREE this month, and we can’t wait to see how many of you will earn the Birthday Badge for a chance to win!



As promised, below you will see some important community metrics across all three years. It’s clear that we are still trending upwards in our growth year over year but you will also see a small decline in the number of topics, replies and questions asked. This is actually a good sign because it means that people are coming to the community and finding what they are looking for instead of having to post their own questions. Want proof of this? Read on ⬇


📊 Metrics (Totals)



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

% Growth

Total Registered Members





# of Topics Created





# of Replies





Likes Received





Questions Asked





Replies to Questions





Question w/Best Answer





% Answered by Peer





Self-service score







Do you see the last metric? It’s our highest growth metric! This is proof that people coming to the community are getting the answers they came for. This metric showcases the ratio of visitors that viewed helpful content versus those that submitted a support ticket. So this means, for every 1 person that submitted a support ticket, 7.5 people found the information they needed via the community 💥 


Check out these additional key highlights from our third year!


🎞️ Key Highlights


All I can say is WOW! Let’s keep this momentum going in year 4 🔥


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Happy Birthday to the Docebo Community and all the members!!! 

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@JeanetteMcVeigh thank you for completing the health survey and for being the very first community member to earn the third birthday badge!!

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Is there a sign-up for the Birthday Event or do we just join in from somewhere on the Community that day?

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Is there a sign-up for the Birthday Event or do we just join in from somewhere on the Community that day?

Great question! We’re finalizing the details and should have the event posted soon (hopefully no later than tomorrow!). Once the event is live, I’ll post the link to it here :)

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It’s live!!


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I kept looking for social posts to re-share on LinkedIn, but I haven’t seen any from Docebo yet so I made my own post on LinkedIn.  😀

Shelia Jennings (LinkedIn)


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Happy Birthday to the Docebo Community!!

Reposted the birthday post: LinkedIn Profile: Chelsy Ann Koshy 

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Trivia is about to start (11:30am EST) and there are prizes for the top 3 winners! Come join us 👈




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I finally found the Docebo post on LinkedIn and reshared it, thanks to @Chelsy Koshy’s reposting of it!    Shelia Jennings (LinkedIn)

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Trivia is about to start (11:30am EST) and there are prizes for the top 3 winners! Come join us 👈




Check out the fun we had at our birthday social today! Big thanks to everyone for joining and to our 3 prize winners @SLozano @steveninfinger and @Davefox!!


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It was good to see the familiar faces and to meet the newer faces! Thanks for putting that together! Good times.


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Nicole C LI Profile

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The countdown is on!

There’s only 3 days left to take the community survey for your chance to win 1 of 6 available prizes!

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Wow! Look at these amazing Community stats. @ross.page 

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It may be the last day but there’s still time to complete the community survey for your chance to WIN 🎉


Big thanks to all those that have already completed it!


Happy Friday everyone 😎

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The wait is over! It’s time to announce the SIX winners in our 3rd birthday draw.


🎉 Congratulations goes to:


Amazon Gift Card Username










Once again, big thank you to everyone who participated in our month-long birthday celebrations and congrats to all the winners!


Can’t wait to see you in a year to celebrate Docebo Community turning FOUR 😀

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Hooray! 🎉 What a wonderful celebration! It was a wonderful time with trivia and all the interactions. This is just the cherry on top! 🍒


Thank you! How exciting 😁.

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Thank you Docebo. 😊