JAN 16-20: 🏆 Results + *NEW*📌 ICYMI

  • 23 January 2023
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JAN 16-20: 🏆 Results + *NEW*📌 ICYMI
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The weekly results are in! Check out who made it in to our top 5 leaderboard (there’s a new #1!), all those we welcomed and everyone who levelled up last week. Also, we’ve added a new ICYMI section to these posts so you can be sure you’re not missing anything important from the previous week 📌.


:checkered_flag: Top 5 Leaderboard:

  Member Weekly Points
1 @lrodman  


2 @lrnlab         243
3 @damiano.colombo           151
4 @cnii808 🆕          95
5 @Bfarkas             92



Congratulations are in order as @lrodman secured his first ever top spot in the weekly leaderboard 💥. Way to go! Shoutout to @lrnlab  and our very own @damiano.colombo for taking spots 2 and 3. We also welcomed @cnii808 into the top 5 for the very first time 🎉. You are in excellent company! 


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week we said hello to 60 new members! Big thanks to @estarks8 and @sfrost for posting their intros. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know more about you. Warm welcome to all of our new members, we’re so glad you are here. Be sure to take a moment to look through our Guide for New Members that outlines our Community Guidelines. Any questions, feel free to send me or @elliott.vickrey a DM 🙂.


:trophy: Levelling Up

Take a look at the 18 members who took their ranks to another level last week ⬇⬇⬇


NEW Rank (13) 👉 Novice 👉 Contributor




@Adam Rowland







@Gracie WADA





Within Rank (5) I 👉 II II 👉 III









You all deserve this special recognition!


Here are some extra shoutouts 📢:

  • @Vmueller @pmack001 @arnab.duttagupta2022 @B0LT flew right past Novice I into Novice II 🛫
  • @xzbdn took it one step further and passed by Novice I and II into Novice III 🏃
  • @zivran250 didn’t waste any time and levelled up in their very first week ⭐
  • @rloverin accepted last’s weeks challenge and ranked up for the second week in a row 🔥


🏎 Off to the races this week is @Annarose.Peterson @lrnlab @Jtischler @dsizemore and @ErorrMsg. Let the friendly competition begin.



So, it’s been 2 weeks with this new section added to these posts. So far, 80% of voters have said that these are a fresh new addition to the weekly results and 20% have said they weren’t really interested in the results posts but, now with this new section added, will definitely check them out on a weekly basis. Haven’t voted yet? It’s not too late! Click here to cast your vote!



This is happening tomorrow so be sure to register!




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*Please note: you must be a registered member of the community in order to access these posts. 


[Last week’s post: JAN 9-13]


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), if you aren’t sure what it takes to level up check out this post that explains points and badges in the community

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This is entertaining as I felt bad ignoring the community last week, was heads down on getting the first version of a new tool for configuring CSS changes to a Docebo instance without knowing CSS...anyways, open to all to try out now: