ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results

  • 24 November 2021
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ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results
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The below results are from the week of November 15-19


It was a close race to the finish last week in our top 5. Check out who made it in as well as our new members and all of those that levelled up :point_down:


:checkered_flag:The top 5 from the leaderboard last week were:

  1. @alekwo 
  2. @dklinger 
  3. @JZenker 
  4. @lrnlab 
  5. @Jessica Overby 

Congrats everyone! Your engagement last week landed you all in the top 5 :ok_hand:


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week, we welcomed 74 new members! Also, shoutout to @gstager for taking the time to introduce yourself to the community. I must say, your interesting (yet little-known fact) is VERY cool! :cartwheel:


:trophy: Leveling Up

Ok, I knew this community was special :relaxed: but last week proved just how special it really is. We had :three::two:members level up in their ranks last week!!!! This is the HIGHEST number we’ve seen since starting these leaderboard updates back August! Just for fun, I took a look back at the very first leaderboard update and do you know how many members leveled up? If you guessed 5, you’re right.

:blue_heart: We are incredibly thankful to every single one of you for taking the time to interact and support each other inside Docebo Community.


@kmanoj   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@carris wilson   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@tmsully2   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@cmerullo  -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@kferguson   -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@GRuss   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@The21Dealer   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@sfprot  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@aduvernet  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@Lucy.blake  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@KatieD -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@leesam806 -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@hannah.hansford -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@oferkenig -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@TaviaRitter -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@Stephen.Barton -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@gstager -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II 

@dr.reinhardt  -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II

@Daniel  -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II 

@jbridges -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II

@dominyza -  Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II

@JGildea   - Novice I  :point_right: Novice II 

@keiishida - Novice I  :point_right: Novice II 

@Loupetron - Novice II  :point_right: Contributor I 

@Sarahh -  Novice II  :point_right: Novice III

@Richard.Harknett -  Novice III  :point_right: Contributor II 

@Alan -  Novice III  :point_right: Helper I 

@alekwo -  Novice III  :point_right: Helper III

@steveninfinger -  Contributor III  :point_right: Influencer I

@JZenker  - Contributor II  :point_right: Helper I 

@Jessica Overby - Contributor II  :point_right: Helper I 

@elamast -  Helper II  :point_right: Helper III


:speaking_head: Now for some extra shoutouts:

  • @kmanoj¬†@carris wilson¬†and @gstager¬†wasted no time and landed themselves in the Novice rank in their very first week¬†:clap:
  • @Loupetron¬†and @Jessica Overby¬†ranked up for the second week in a row (can you keep the streak alive!?)¬†:comet:
  • @JZenker¬†leveled up once again which is the 5th level up in the past 6 weeks.¬†:punch:


I’m so excited to see our members rank up each week! Don’t forget all it takes to rank up is to like, reply and/or submit new topics. Keep it up everyone :raised_hands:


For all our American members, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend ahead :turkey::fork_knife_plate:


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), check out this post that explains points and badges in the community!

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