ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results

  • 29 November 2021
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ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results
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The below results are from the week of November 22-26.


Well, it was a short week for all of our American members as they celebrated :turkey: Thanksgiving but that didn’t stop our top 5. Take a look at who landed in the top last week! 


:checkered_flag:The top 5 from the leaderboard last week were:

  1. @lrnlab 
  2. @alekwo 
  3. @JZenker 
  4. @Alan 
  5. @natemadel 

Way to go everyone! @Alan, congrats and welcome to your first top 5 finish since we started these weekly leaderboard updates :boom:


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Even though it was a short week for most, we had 73 :new: members join our community! This steady growth is outstanding and we are grateful for every new member. Shoutouts to @tancar and @mcinty43 for posting their community intro. Whether you are new or have been here for a while, you can post your intro at any time. It’s a great way to read (and :thumbsup: ) snapshots of your fellow community members and leave your own.


:trophy: Leveling Up

It was a quiet week with our level ups but we still had 7 members take their rank to the next level :point_down:


@Justin  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@valgregorio  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@tancar  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@Manas Pasricha   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@martiniwinski  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@cathyp   -  Novice I  :point_right: Novice II 

@gstager   -  Novice II  :point_right: Novice III 


@Justin @valgregorio @tancar didn’t waste any time, flying right past Newcomer and into the Novice rank. In only their second week in the community, @Manas Pasricha took their rank to the next level while @cathyp ranked up for the second time in only the past 3 weeks and @gstager leveled up for the second consecutive week. Congrats everyone :tada:


There’s a new face in the top 5 at the start of this week, @mditommaso can you hold on to a top spot!? :relaxed:


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), check out this post that explains points and badges in the community!

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