July 2022: Community Check-in

  • 27 July 2022
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July 2022: Community Check-in
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And just like that…it’s the end of July. We’re halfway through the summer 😎 and I’m honestly not sure how it happened. What I am sure of, though, is that it’s been too long since our last community check-in (yes, they are supposed to be monthly 🤦)!


This means we have A LOT to cover in this check-in but I promise it will be worth your while.


So, no more delays, let’s get to it!



🆕 New in Docebo Community

We’re excited to share these new arrivals to the community:


TWO Groups:

  • Google Analytics: this group is dedicated to those interested in sharing and collaborating on setting up and managing GA with Docebo.
  • Regional User Group: Italy (ITA): our first Regional User Group exclusively for our Italian-speaking customers.


FOUR Additions to our growing Guides Library:



🥳 Birthday Month Recap

Back in May, we celebrated Docebo Community turning ONE! We are so proud of all that we achieved in our very first year and we couldn’t have done it without all of you 💙. We definitely wanted to get members in on the celebrations, so each week, members were able to earn ballots in a weekly draw for an Amazon gift card. Shoutout to all of our winners @NateC @ltimm @TaviaRitter and @pjosifovic 🎉. We had so much fun celebrating Docebo Community and we can’t wait to do it again!



👥 New Members & Achievements

Since our last community check in at the end of April, we’ve welcomed 660 new members 💥 (I actually didn’t think that was right and had to double check)! Can you believe it? What’s more, for the last 7 consecutive weeks we’ve hit our weekly goal of at least 50 new members every week. If we keep this up, we’ll hit 4000 members by late fall. Amazing!


Also, we continued celebrating in early June just after our birthday month, as @LDAlexPM3 became our 3000th member 🎊. It is really exciting to continue achieving these incredible milestones together and, if we continue this momentum, we just might be at 3500 members by our next check-in! 


If you are new here, you may have noticed our Weekly Results post (here’s the most recent one) where we recognize members who land a top spot in the weekly leaderboard as well as all those that level up. Speaking of leaderboard, @lrnlab is still holding the #1 spot in the all-time leaderboard and at the end of May, he became Docebo Community’s first-ever Hero III 🦸. Joining him in the Hero rank is @dklinger and @gstager. Who will make it into the Hero rank next? The friendly competition is on!



📸 Customer Spotlight

We absolutely love showing off your success! Big thanks to @qtucker and @JDunham for their partnership 🤝



💡​​​​​​​ Ideas 

Did you know that Ideas is the top visited community page? It’s clear that they are important to you and we want you to know that your ideas are also important to us. If you haven’t already noticed, our rockstar product team is reviewing submitted ideas and providing status updates and additional details as quickly as possible. It’s no small feat 💪 as we receive around 40 newly submitted ideas every week.


Right now, we have a total of 1732 ideas and here’s a breakdown within each status:


Not only are we committed to your ideas, we also look to you to help us shape Docebo’s products. If you are interested in providing your feedback 📥, be sure to subscribe to our Product Research & Design category so you are notified when a new post is published.


⚠️ If you receive an error when trying to access Ideas or the Product Research & Design category, it means you are not logged in to the community. Once successfully logged in with a registered community account, you will gain access to these areas.



📊 Community Metrics (All-time)

Here’s an update of some of the key community metrics.


Registered Members


# of Topics


# of Replies 10,525
Likes Received 13.846
Questions Asked 1478
Replies to Questions 5512
Question w/Best Answer 564
% Answered by Peer 82.4%
# Ideas Delivered 21
# Votes Delivered 1032


A few things:

  • the number of topics created is the total number of posts which consist of ideas (44%), questions (41%) and conversations (15%).
  • of the total questions asked (1478), 90% have received a reply and 38% have been tagged with a Best Answer 🤓.
  • we’re working to increase our Best Answer percentage so, if you’ve posted a Question, please be sure to mark one of the replies as the Best Answer.
  • when you create a New Post, the default post type is ‘Question’. Be sure to select ‘Conversation’ if you are looking for ideas and/or opinions and not a specific answer to a question or problem. If it’s an enhancement request, select ‘Idea’.



🔥 Trending Posts

Here are some of the most recent trending posts.




💫 Tips & Tricks

Here are some handy tips & tricks that you may find useful. Check them out!






Here are a couple of important posts, in case you missed them: 



Also, be sure to check out our Events page where you will find the on-demand versions so you can watch any time, including all of our DU Live events:


Alright everyone, that’s it for now! Thanks for taking the time to read through this check-in AND for sticking with me until the very end, I can tell you that there are a couple of new announcements coming to the community very soon so stay tuned 👀.


If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/feedback, you know what to do 👇👇👇


Until next month…(there will be an update next month!)

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