ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results [Jan 17-21]

  • 25 January 2022
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ūüŹÜ Weekly Leaderboard Results [Jan 17-21]
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Check out the results from our leaderboard last week as well as our new members (plus an exciting milestone!) and all those that levelled up :arrow_down:


:checkered_flag:The top 5 from the leaderboard last week were:

  1. @dklinger
  2. @lrnlab
  3. @alekwo
  4. @TrishAH :new:
  5. @gstager  

Congrats to @dklinger @lrnlab @alekwo and @gstager for another top 5 finish. If you can believe it, there were only 2 points that separated the top 2 last week! Also, welcome to the leaderboard @TrishAH, you’re among some great company. :slight_smile:


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

We are keeping the momentum strong as we said hello to 56 new members last week! But wait, there’s more...we also welcomed our :two::zero::zero::zero:th member. Congratulations to @Lucyp  :tada: This is such an incredible milestone and we can’t thank all of you enough for being part of this community. :blue_heart:


:trophy: Leveling Up

Congrats to these 10 members who levelled up in their ranks last week (plus @JEntis who was missed in the previous week’s leaderboard update!) 


@JEntis  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I (Jan 10-14)

@TeriV  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@ANUPAMA  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@KTJD  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice III 

@Feenix73  - Contributor I  :point_right:  Contributor II 

@lhubbard  - Contributor II  :point_right:  Contributor III 

@ncassella -  Contributor I  :point_right:  Contributor III 

@Daniel  -  Contributor I  :point_right:  Contributor III 

@TrishAH -  Novice I  :point_right: Novice III 

@mibister  -  Novice II  :point_right: Novice III 

@Dahveed -  Novice III  :point_right: Helper I


Great work to each of you for taking a step (or 2 or 3!!) to the next level :thumbsup:. @lhubbard gets a shoutout for the 3rd consecutive level up in a row. Will it be 4 this week!?  


:eyes: Starting the week off strong is @gstager (wow, 147 points already :fire:) @OlhaZhavrankova @Jessica Overby @Stephen.Barton @alekwo. Who will hang on to a top spot!?  


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), check out this post that explains points and badges in the community!

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Woot woot!