Is there a way to download a SCORM file already in the LMS

  • 27 January 2022
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Looking to pull a old SCORM file already in the LMS in order to update.   Master file lost so I am trying to recover what I can.

6 replies

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I would imagine that the package is extracted when uploaded so the original package zip is no longer stored. 

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correct @gcrawford88 the only way to get to your zip package would be to have direct access to Docebo’s content server; which we do not

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Hey @joshsanderson, there are 2 community resources that you may find helpful for this. Check out #2 in this guide as well as this post

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Cool thanks @erin.brisson 

If there’s an Ideas Portal idea for this request already, can someone add the link?  I don’t want to duplicate efforts!

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Hi guys,

here the guide posted from Docebo about how to download the training material (step by step)

I hope this can be helpful