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Anyway to download a video after it has been uploaded to Docebo?

  • 31 August 2021
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We’ve recently had someone leave the organization who had done quite a few content uploads for us. We were under the impression the person had left copies of the original videos in our data backend, however it seems we were misled. 

Is there any way to download a copy of the video after it has been uploaded to Docebo? When viewing the Learning Object, we can see the video has been “renamed” by Docebo, most likely during the rending process. I just need to snag some copies from a few Learning Objects so we can make a few edits and reupload.

Thanks so much for the help!


Best answer by natemadel 2 September 2021, 15:21

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I’m assuming it’s a video in a course? I recall seeing a post on this forum where someone spotted an API call was added to download materials. 

I ran into a similar situation but it was for Coach & Share assets (we typically upload videos to channels so learners don’t have to enroll into them, which is annoying just to watch a 2 or 3 minute video). When that happened, I wound up enabling the download option for each in the Asset > Edit menu and then manually downloading each. A hassle but it goes fairly quickly.

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Hi mark,


Thanks for the advice! It is in a course, an ELearning Course.  If there was a way to download it via API, we would be willing to try that. 

For our New Hire program, we aren’t utilizing Coach and Share so that option is out of the question, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind as we grow and evolve.

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Hey @dhall !


I can confirm this can be done via API. This may get a little techy so hold on tight. 


  1. Navigate to the course where the video resides
  2. Play the specific learning object you want to download
  3. Look at the URL in the browser. It should be formatted like this:
  4. You will want to copy whatever number is shown in the url in the place of the “260” number above, this is the ID of the learning object being played (be sure not to grab to course ID, which is “50444” above)
  5. Go to
  6. On the left hand side, find the “Lo” category and click it
  7. Within that category, find the item “Get Downloadable Link for Training Materials” and click it
  8. Paste the learning object ID that you copied earlier (260 in our example) and click “Try”
  9. The call will either return a link, or it will return “job_status”: “in_progress” within the message body. If it returns a link, just paste that link in your browser, click enter, and it will start downloading a zip file containing the video. If it returns “job_status”: “in_progress”, wait ~ 20 seconds, close the popup window, then click Try again. Rinse/Repeat until it returns a link. It can take a few tries if its a large video (basically, the system is downloading and zipping it, and needs time to do so). The link will look something like this “"

Hope that helps and let us know how you do!



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@natemadel, thanks for providing the steps! I’m going to try these out with my team and see what we can grab following this. 

I’ll update this thread once we’ve tried it once or twice and let everyone know how it goes!

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Sounds good! I’m here if you need me ;)

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Hi @natemadel,


I was able to follow your instructions very easily. Unfortunately, it seems my Docebo profile lacks the appropriate permissions. I am a Superadmin for our Docebo Platform, however I was reviewing this API Authentication article and in the “Using the Client Credentials Grant Type” section, it states a specific permission is needed without providing what that permission is.

I’ve sent a request to our primary Docebo Administrator for access. Do you happen to know what specific permission is needed?

Thanks again for your help and guidance! If this works, it’ll save me and my team weeks of heartburn!



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@dhall sent you a DM, we’ll get it sorted :)

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Huge shout out to @natemadel  for helping me figure out the problem. There’s a step missing. I just needed to Authenticate after step 7 and before step 8 (there is an OAuth button there. Click that then “Authorize”). I’ve marked his answer as Best Answer because it does exactly what I need it to do! Thanks again, Nate!


-- dhall

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Our hero @natemadel does it yet again 👏  So glad this one was resolved for you @dhall! @mark you may be thinking of tip #2 in the following guide shared by @ryan.woods a few months back. It outlines the same steps that Nate shared in this post. 



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Hello, I am trying this now, and included clicking the OAUTH button to allow ‘Swagger IU’ to access my platform, but still receive this error when I attempt to get the downloaded video file (see below).

Does anyone know where I am going wrong?


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Hey @abaumgard, it looks like you’re receiving this error due to an invalid parameter for the ID you’re providing. Are you certain that you’re using the correct ID for the training material you are attempting to download? Here’s an excerpt from @natemadel’s instructions:

  1. Look at the URL in the browser. It should be formatted like this:
  1. You will want to copy whatever number is shown in the url in the place of the “260” number above, this is the ID of the learning object being played (be sure not to grab to course ID, which is “50444” above)
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I was, indeed, looking in the wrong place. I have figured it out now.

Thank you!

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@abaumgard Awesome, glad to hear it!