FEB 6 - 10: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI

  • 27 February 2023
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It’s time to catch up with the community leaderboard! 🏆 Who here wanted that top spot bad enough? 🤔 Below are the results for the week of February 6th, and don’t forget to check out the 📌 ICYMI section for posts you may have missed!


:checkered_flag: Top 5 Leaderboard:

  Member Weekly Points
1 @Bfarkas 742
2 @lrnlab 493
3 @lrodman 270
4 @Annarose.Peterson 248
5 @dklinger 144



@Bfarkas is at the top once again with over 700 points! @lrnlab takes second, followed by @lrodman@Annarose.Peterson. We also see @dklinger returning to the leaderboard! Congratulations to all 🎉


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

57 new members joined our community during this week. Welcome all! 🎊 Please take a look through our Guide for New Members if you haven’t already, and familiarize yourself our Community Guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to send @erin.brisson or me a direct message.


:trophy: Leveling Up

During this one week, an incredible 50 members ranked up! WOW! 😃 That’s amazing. Thank you all for engaging in our community!


NEW Rank (29)     👉 Novice 👉 Contributor 👉 Influencer

























@Lisa D








Within Rank (21) I 👉 II II 👉 III













@Jason Kocur









Influencer @Bouben  


Congratulations, every last one of you. What a week! But the fun’s not over yet, as we have a few shoutouts…

  • This week ended with a bang 💥 for @dwilburn and @JHill1, who both skipped a rank on the way to Contributor II!
  • A round of applause for @amberd@AngeWi@DuckStorm@martindunne@meaganp@meghan.williams@mmarshall@spopp, and @tgarris for skating right past Novice I to Novice II in one week! 👏


The question is, who will reign supreme on the next week’s leaderboard? 👑 Find out here: FEB 13 - 17: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI



If you haven’t already, remember to fill our our Docebo Community Health Survey:

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*Please note: you must be a registered member of the community in order to access these posts. 



[Last week’s post: JAN 30 - FEB 3]


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), if you aren’t sure what it takes to level up, check out this community post that explains points and badges

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