JAN 23-27: 🏆 Results + *NEW*📌 ICYMI

  • 31 January 2023
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JAN 23-27: 🏆 Results + *NEW*📌 ICYMI
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It’s our final full week of January! 😮 Can you believe the month has gone by so quickly? Below you can take a look at our weekly results to see who’s been making the most of the time left. And don’t forget to check out the new 📌 ICYMI section at the bottom to see what you may have missed last week!


:checkered_flag: Top 5 Leaderboard:

  Member Weekly Points
1 @Bfarkas


2 @lrnlab         418
3 @lrodman           300
4 @paolo.gaioni           297
5 @Annarose.Peterson           209



It appears @Bfarkas has reclaimed the top spot, followed closely by @lrnlab in the second spot. 🎉 Congratulations also go out to @lrodman, Docebo’s own @paolo.gaioni, and @Annarose.Peterson, all leaderboard veterans! Who shall challenge them for their spots next week? 🤔


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week 73 new members joined our community. 👋 Welcome all newcomers! We’re happy to have you here, and if you haven’t been sure where to start, please take a look through our Guide for New Members that outlines our Community Guidelines. If you have any questions, please send me a DM!


:trophy: Leveling Up

Wow, a total of 23 members ascended the rankings last week! 💥


NEW Rank (12) 👉 Novice 👉 Contributor 👉 Influencer













Contributor     @dave.cerrone


Within Rank (11) I 👉 II II 👉 III I 👉 III









Helper @LNew    
Guide   @elamast  
Hero @Annarose.Peterson    


Look at all those rank ups! Congratulations to all, and a few shoutouts 📢 to those who really knocked it out of the park:

  • It’s been another week of newcomers blazing past Novice I up to Novice II with @claire @colinfarrelly88 and @KMurray 🚀
  • @AnnetteNewnum skipped Contributor I on the way from Novice III to Contributor II…
  • ...and @hwolfehall made a similar jump from Contributor I straight to Contributor III 😮
  • Newcomers @pberkery and @trilly made it to Novice I in their first week 🎊


Who will make the biggest splash next week? 🌊 @Bfarkas and @lrnlab are taking the lead with @lrodman @KMallette and @Annarose.Peterson on their heels. It’s only Monday, though, so who knows who may pull ahead! 🏃



January is almost over, and it looks like the ICYMI section is here to stay! So far 80% of voters have been enjoying these updates on community content, but the poll isn’t over yet. If you haven’t voted, click here to tell us what you think!



There’s a new DU Live event happening this Wednesday, so don’t forget to sign up!



Two new guides from @Bfarkas came out last week, including the first of his new API Browser Quick Grabs series. Be sure to check that out if you’re new to using Docebo’s API!

Product Research & Design*

Nothing new here, but these posts are still seeking feedback from community members:


*Please note: you must be a registered member of the community in order to access these posts. 



[Last week’s post: JAN 16-20]


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), if you aren’t sure what it takes to level up, check out this community post that explains points and badges

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