November 2022: Community Check-in (A must-read!)

  • 21 November 2022
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November 2022: Community Check-in (A must-read!)
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Well, it seems crazy but it’s mid-November and the weather up here in Ottawa, Canada is finally normal. You guessed it...cold 🌨 and snowy ❄. We had above normal temperatures for the first two weeks of November and all I can say is that it was a really nice way to end the beautiful fall season.


There has been so much going on in the community so it’s time to round up all the greatness from September, October and almost all of November into a single post. We’re bringing you the most important information from the community during these past few months so definitely make your way to the very end to be sure you see everything (there’s A LOT) 😀.



🗳 It’s time to vote! 

I am so excited to share that Docebo Community has been nominated in two categories for the 2023 CMX Industry awards 🙌. We’re up against some incredible competition but we hope you’ll take a minute to cast your vote!


For more information, check out this post:


💙 Inspire 2022 was...Inspiring

Our 5th annual Docebo Inspire was an absolutely incredible event! We packed so much into each day and whether you attended in person or are catching up on-demand, there was something for everyone.


Here’s a recap that highlights the impressive metrics, both keynotes and our 2021 Learning Award winners. You’ll also find all of the information for on-demand access. ⬇ ⬇ ⬇


Oh and if you are interested in taking part in our social learning challenge, check out this post:


We can’t wait to share more information about Inspire 2023 so stay tuned!



🆕 Expanding our Guides Library

We are working hard to build our Guides Library with helpful guides and tutorials 📚.


Here’s a list of all the published guides since our last check-in, which include the start of a new guide series from @Bfarkas (with more to come!), a second guide of helpful tips from @willingworth as well as a helpful tutorial (and video!) on how to create a Coach and Share bookmark button by our very own @pmo.



👀 Keep your eye on our Guides Library as we have some extremely informative guides lined up that we know you will be excited about.


If you have any ideas for guides and/or are interested in authoring a guide, please send a DM to@elliott.vickrey with the details!



👥 Member Count and Leaderboard

In our last check-in, I was so excited to announce that if we continued the momentum of new member joins we’d hit our next member milestone by mid-October and that’s exactly what we did 😀. On the first day of Inspire 2022, we officially reached 4000 members!! I couldn’t wait to celebrate our 4000th member 🎉 @nbieniek in our October Week 3 Leaderboard Results post. This is such an incredible milestone and we are already over half way to our next one, as we currently have 4265 members in Docebo Community. That’s right, 4500 here we come 🔥. 


We’ve continued posting our weekly results each week (here’s the latest) to showcase those that made their way into the weekly leaderboard, our new member counts as well as each and every member that levelled up. Congrats to all of you and especially to @Nicole @billso @alberto.pegoraro @liza2022 @cgroetzer who landed a top spot in our weekly leaderboard for the very first time. Way to go 👏


We also welcomed TWO more community Hero’s (the highest rank you can achieve) to join @lrnlab and @gstager. Congratulations and welcome to the top @dklinger and @Annarose.Peterson 🦸. Watch out, we’ve got @abartunek @KMallette @Neil Patterson @alekwo @elamast and @Bfarkas who are inching their way closer to the top rank. Who will make it in first? 


Are you part of the top 1000 users in the community? Check out your rank in our all-time leaderboard.



💡 ​​​​​​​Ideas 

It’s official, we’re celebrating Ideas being part of Docebo Community for a full year 📣. Since we launched Ideas last November, Ideas make up almost 50% of the total posts (compared to Questions and Conversations). We love hearing your ideas and our product team is working hard at replying and updating the status for each one. Please refer to the Ideas section of the previous community check-in where I outline some friendly reminders about ideas to ensure we limit duplications by using search. You’ll also find an example of our recommended template to use when submitting new ideas. 


Here’s a glimpse at our idea status since August:

  • received 396 new ideas
  • 4730 votes added
  • set 9 ideas to planned (including one of our highest voted ideas with 233 votes!)
  • delivered 5 ideas (112 votes) 


Also, be sure to subscribe to our Product Research & Design category so you can get notified when a new product feedback post is published. We have two requests open and we appreciate your valuable feedback so keep it coming!




⚠️ Heads up: only registered community members can access Ideas and our Product Research & Design category.



🆚 Difference Between Questions and Conversations

While Ideas make up 46% of total posts, Questions come in at a close second with 38% of the total and most of these Questions are asked within one of our Learn & Share discussion categories. Recently, however, we’ve seen an influx of Questions coming in that should actually be Conversations. So, I wanted to take a minute to clarify the difference between the two.


When creating a brand new post, the default selection is Question but not all questions should be submitted as a Question post.


Questions posts are for members who are looking for a solution to a specific problem.


Here are some examples of posts that are Questions:


In the last two questions, you can see the use of the Best Answer functionality. This is available for Questions posts only and the purpose is to surface the best answer directly underneath the question for quick and easy reference. This way members don’t have to scroll through all the replies to see the answer (we know you’re busy!).


But, if you are looking for opinions and/or examples of what others are doing, you’ll want to create a Conversation post (even if you are asking a question or multiple questions within the post). You are soliciting ways in which other members are doing something, therefore, there will not be one best answer.


Take a look at these examples of Conversations:


As you can see, the first one listed is a question but they are looking for examples from other members on how they are setting up branches and groups which means they are soliciting a conversation around how others are doing something. 


The Difference


Questions: used to find a specific solution to a problem and has the ‘Best Answer’ functionality.


Conversations: used to find what others are doing and/or how they are doing it.


🔶 Please remember, if you post a Question, be sure to tag a reply as the ‘Best Answer’.  If there are multiple answers, pick the one that helped you the most.



💬 Posts Waiting for Reply

Here are some questions that are in need of a reply, can you help?



🤓 Tips & Tricks

Check out these tips & tricks that you may find useful.


Got a favourite Docebo trick to share? Post it here



🌐 Support Corner

Our support team has created some helpful guides that we don’t want you to miss!



🔔 Exciting News for Docebo

Did you hear what we were finally able to do? It was an exciting day! 




📅 Novemeber 22 - Release Readiness Webinar

Register to join us on Tuesday, November 22 to learn more about what to expect in the November release.





Here are some of the important posts that you’ll definitely want to check out.

News & Announcements



Product Updates 


On-demand Events


🛎 For News & Announcements and Product Updates, be sure to subscribe so you are notified when a new post is created.


You did it! Thank you for sticking with me all the way to the end. We appreciate every single one of you for your active participation and engagement. All of your contributions have brought us here and we are honoured to be in such great company as a nominee for two community industry awards. We are extremely grateful for for the chance to become an award winning community 🏆 


Any questions/comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome below.


Also, we’d like to wish all of our US members a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃



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Voted! Good luck!

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Voted! Good luck!

Thank you!!!