How should I use the Discussion Categories in Docebo Community?

  • 20 April 2021
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Discussion Categories help organize conversations into logical “buckets” of content, which helps future members of the community easily find your content. This guide will help you make sense of the discussion categories in Docebo Community.


If you still can’t sort out the categories after reading this guide, don’t sweat it. We’re happy to make sure your question or idea gets into the right place after you post. What matters most is that you post it!


There are three parent discussion categories in Docebo Community, each with a number of sub-categories. Each sub-category comes with a ‘What can I find in this category’ post so be sure to check them out.


Here is a list of the three main categories with all sub-categories inside Docebo Community:

  1. Community HQ

    • Water Cooler TalkIntroduce yourself, ask questions about the community, start virtual "water cooler chats", and get to know each other!
    • News & AnnouncementsBe the first to know all the things: product updates, support announcements, company news, upcoming events, etc.
    • Known Issues (registered members only): Get faster, centralized and detailed information around any known incidents or bugs in your Docebo learning platform.
    • Job BoardBrowse available opportunities for roles requiring Docebo experience.

The Community HQ parent category is best for new members or those seeking news & information about Docebo and the Community.


  1. Learn & Share

    • Product Q&AAsk questions and get answers about Docebo products.
    • Product Tips & TricksShare your tips, tricks, and best practices with the Docebo Community. Don’t let that knowledge go to waste…share it with the world!
    • Show & TellCreated something you’re proud of? Share it here. Bonus points if it’s built in Docebo, but we’ll accept anything related to the e-learning industry. Write a book? Featured in a podcast? We want to know!
    • Let’s Talk Shop: As learning professionals, we can’t hide the fact that we love to nerd out. Ask questions and start conversations around training, course authoring, LMS administration, certifications, curriculum development, you name it!
    • Integrations & APIsWant to become more technical? Are you an aspiring developer? Or maybe you just want to understand how to speak the language with your IT team? Regardless, bring your technical questions here.
    • HTML & CSSWith Custom CSS and access to HTML widgets and pages, there's no limit to what you can accomplish in Docebo Learn. Share how you've customized Docebo to your liking with custom HTML & CSS.
    • Generative AI & ChatGPTGenerative AI and ChatGPT are transforming the L&D landscape and revolutionizing the way we go about our jobs. In this category, share thoughts, ideas, best practices, and experiences related to leveraging AI to improve your learning programs.

The Learn & Share parent category is the heart and soul of Docebo Community. This is where members will spend the majority of their time.


  1. Feedback & Requests

    • Product Research & Design (registered members only): Help us shape the future of Docebo's products.
    • Community FeedbackWhat do you think of the Docebo Community? What do you like? What do you dislike? This platform is built for you, so we want to hear from you!
    • Docebo FeedbackShare your thoughts and feedback on what Docebo is doing well and what we can improve on!
    • ​​​​​​​Group RequestsAre you interested in starting a group in Docebo community? Let us know by requesting it here.
    • Discussion Category Requests: Don’t see a relevant Discussion Category for your question or conversation? Let us know by making a new request here.

The Feedback & Requests parent category allows you to provide your feedback directly to Docebo to help us shape the future of the product as well as about your experience with the community and Docebo. We welcome any and all of your valuable feedback!



You can view all of the discussion categories in the community at any time by scrolling down to the Community content feed and selecting the Discussion Categories tab. Use the arrows on the right side to open and close each main category (Community HQ, Learn & Share and Feedback & Requests) to view all sub-categories.

View a full list of Discussion Categories on the Docebo Community Homepage



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