Anyone else using Power Automate with Docebo APIs to

  • 29 July 2021
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I have built a custom connector into our organizations office365 power automate setup which allows me to build mini-apps to solve problems quickly. Wondering if anyone else is doing similar, and what they are doing. A few examples of how we have been using or are working on now are:

  • ILT/Classroom Scheduling Tool: A wizard experience to let our users schedule and enroll users into sessions quickly, view overview video on it here
  • Send hourly reports to an FTP server for processing, changing the format slightly. This keeps us from needing to configure 24 automations for each report.
  • Set time zones for users on creation based on what office they are in.
  • Bulk add users to a manual group from a csv file of usernames or email addresses.
  • Send a daily report to our national instructors of the enrollment status of their classes each morning.
  • Monitor for new branch creation and update processes based on it.
  • Use a csv file with 4 pieces of information per session to schedule 150 ILT sessions a month for our national faculty. The session, event, and calendar invites are all generated automatically.
  • Create our own registration calendar of specific ILT sessions with different views, status, and deep links.
  • Convert two reports into a Jason page available on a secure server for the analyst team to set as data sources for excel analysis.
  • Manage/delete auto generated tags on content we do not want.
  • Remove users who registered for a Classroom session but did not attend so that they can enroll in a future one easier (no need to find the switch options). This also sends a notification which encourages the user to enroll in another session, and gives them the ability to immediately appeal that they attended to keep these from stretching out forever.
  • Add an inline support form to every course page to provide relevant imformation/questions to the user and supply us with the course ID, User ID, and all other user information we would want along with computer session information in order to provide better support.

Curious what others are doing :) 

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These are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I would love to hear more about several. Please DM if that is possible.