Course Assignment to Branches

We are looking for an API, where we can assign a course directly to a branch, so all the users of that branch can access this new course. 
we have access to below url and can test it once get any API for this requirement.

This functionality can be achieved via GUI, so if this can also be possible via API it will be helpful. 

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HI @sachinjain any reason you are not using Enrollment Rules? This can be done quite easily sign this app.

we are developing this solution from 3rd party plugin, so they will use these api and then course will be assigned to them. 

So to explain it better we have groups and groups have enrollment rules which assign the courses.

Anyways we have found this API!/audiences/Audience/Audience_audiences_v1_audience_uuid_users_0_1 where passing the branch id is working and we are able to assign same group to all the users and later based on group enrollment the courses got assigned.