Is anyone using Docebo Connect?

  • 15 September 2021
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Hi all - long time member, first time poster here!


Our organization has been with Docebo for a year now, and 3 of our greatest points of friction with the system are user management, reporting, and enrollment automations (and what we really need are un-enrollment automations as well), which all lead to a continuous time-suck for our LMS admin. Dealing with support desk tickets, putting together reports, and managing manual workarounds waste hours of time every week.


Our internal data management team has created an API connection between Ultipro (our HRIS) and Docebo, which handles user management, and also includes a few automation scripts that do things like assign power user profiles and assign users to branches, but it is very clunky and is vulnerable to all sorts of issues, which our internal resource does not have the bandwidth to truly dive into. Plus, there are just certain Docebo data end-points in the back end that simply are not fully exposed - which is why we also are having a hard time connecting it to Tableau to build reporting dashboards.


Docebo now offers a product called CONNECT which is meant to create more sophisticated integrations with systems such as UltiPro (HRIS) and Tableau (reporting), and create a much higher level of automation throughout the system. We have also been told that the interface can be managed by us as admins (vs needing to rely on other specialized, cross functional resources in our org).


My question for the group is… has anyone tried or is currently utilizing Docebo Connect? Would love to hear any testimonials or insight on the product as we continue to research and potentially build a budget proposal for it.

3 replies

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I have not. But would love to hear if anyone else has had experience with it.

You have experienced some of the same pain points as we have. For us one of the front runners is power users and the ability to impersonate only being super admin level. That leaves our whole system exposed as we have an entire support organization that needs to impersonate to help users, but they do not need to be able to manipulate course content or anything like that. 



Thanks for asking the question. Very happy to see that I am not the only person who is stuck with hours of time spent on all the admin stuff. 

My use case is we need to have an unique identifier built in our Docebo platform, and would like to then cross check with another database system to verify if the person identified has completed certain training. Do you or anyone within the community have a similar use case on this? 

Any suggestion would be helpful. I am basically stuck and needs help. 

Thanks everyone. 

How does your team automate power user profile assignments? Are you able to automate assigning a user as a power user too? For us, we were able to import a csv at the start but I’ve been manually adding power users as an employee moves into a management role in our stores. Would love to get that automated but currently I have to assign a user to a power user role, then assign the correct resources, then assign the correct branch they are a power user over. It takes a while every time I do it.