Integrating Slack

  • 17 December 2022
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Hello everyone, Brandon here from the Docebo Support team! I'd like to share this short guide on integrating Slack into your platform.


Please see the attachment section below to download the document.


Helpful links:

Docebo for Slack

Composing a Slack Notification



We’d love to hear your thoughts on this guide and if it was helpful for you. Please share any feedback and/or questions below.

4 replies

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@brandon.quan Hi Brandon,  We are struggling to find specific channels to assign our Slack notifications to without a search bar functionality.  Do you have any solutions for this?  There are hundreds of channels in there and while they were loaded in alphabetical order, they don’t display as such in the LMS.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.

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>To allow for users to receive individual notifications they must be provisioned through the Slack synchronization before they can be provisioned through other methods.

>Users provisioned via Slack will have their Docebo username populated with the name value from the users Slack Information…..

Can we please have a Slack notifications app that is not tied to any user provisioning? 

Please - enable folks who already have user provisioning handled elsewhere in their orgs (e.g. HRIS) to leverage a built-in/first party Docebo+Slack integration/app to deliver notifications and reminders.

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We are now experiencing an issue where a workaround for the Slack sync (which currently has us adding a double-provisioning of users to show them coming in from our HRIS/SSO sources via Docebo Connect; as well as, from a Slack sync to meet the required user provisioning needs mentioned above) is causing duplicate numbers being reported in our dashboards and reports. We would also love to see a Slack sync that doesn’t require user provisioning to come directly from that source.  

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I can second this since I think many users of docebo also use SSO most likely. I wonder if a viable workaround would be creating a separate branch of users just for slack to make sure the doubling can be avoided for reports and still maintain the slack integration?

Also, wondering if these users added via slack sync also count towards ‘active user’ count.