Best practice for building a multi-day event

  • 12 January 2022
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I’m working on building an in-person event (4 days) and I need some advice as I’m not seeing the whole picture. 

  • Prior Registration - click on a link, fill in contact information, answer registration questions, and pay 
  • How can I duplicate this experience on Docebo? 
    • Do I build one session with four events?

Thank you in advanced for any advice and tips. I appreciate it. 


3 replies

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Hi @vikkin!

The first step, the prior registration part, are you using payments within Docebo?  If so, the user would log into Docebo (or possibly register and create their own profile in the platform), locate the course, and the user would be able to go through the purchasing workflow you use.  Once the course is purchased, the user would be registered for the course. 

You are correct with how to build the course in Docebo.  If it is a training that is taking place over 4 days, you would build a single session with 4 events in it.  If you were to offer this same training multiple times a year, each offering would be a different session and each session would have 4 events in it.

Something to keep an eye out for is if someone goes to purchase the course, and gets to the payment page, then backs out of the payment page, the user gets placed on a waitlist for the course.  Make sure to check your waitlists occasionally to help people out if they got stuck on there.

Hi @Annarose.Peterson 

Thank you for your reply. We are currently using an third-party ecommerce but are working to move to payments within Docebo. Good to know about the waitlist as well. 

In terms of building questions into a registration do you have a best practice for that? 

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Hi @vikkin , we don’t normally have a lot of folks self-registering into our platform for our content, so we use Docebo’s self-registration rather than some other program (I know other folks have a lot of people registering and possibly use some integration/APIs to help with that).

If you are registering with Docebo, you want to include all the registration questions you want to ask on the “Additional Fields” portion of the User profile.  The nice thing is, you can report on those additional fields if you want using the “User” report, in case you want to capture that data.