Channels as Communication Tool for Executive Team

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi Everyone!  Looking for advice!  We are creating channels for each member of our executive team to share their own personal learning moments as a way to connect with employees in our organization.  My thought is to create a page with a video at the top to introduce what the page is - our President sharing what it is and how to engage with a call to action.  Below his video will be custom content boxes for each member of the EC that connects to their personal channel where they share musings, stories, videos, etc.  Has anyone done anything like this before? If so, what might you recommend?  What are some “watch-outs” I should be prepared for?  Appreciate any and all guidance! 

1 reply

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Awesome idea...we’ve discussed doing this at our company as well for our Executive Team.  Less of “watch out,” but some thoughts…

  • You’ll want to decide if you want folks to have the ability to “ask an expert” and have them be able to ask questions directly of your leaders.  Be sure you have alerts set up ahead of time so that they know they are being asked a question.
  • There is a new “follow” features with channels (which is incredible).  This means you can have an alert set up so that if “Ryan” is following “Leader A’s” channel, Ryan can be notified whenever there is something new.  This is awesome because no one has the time to constantly check in to see if there is something new.

I’d love to know how this goes for you!