Data lake refresh never complete, anyone else?

  • 20 October 2022
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I can only find older posts on this, is anyone else’s data refresh not working? Our is ALWAYS “in progress” meaning we cannot pull any reports. I have a ticket open about the issue, but curious if it’s just us or if anyone else is experiencing this? 

5 replies

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Hi @echollet yes we are experiencing the same here...we logged a is saying this normal. I did find out how this works which has me a bit worried...worth reading the article

and this specifically that helped me understand how this works..I have my

we are monitoring...

Interesting… I’m a little lost about the part of how “your data refresh will be triggered by the export” but then the refresh has to “complete before you can export”. What does that look like in the process of pulling an actual report? Do you try to export, have it fail, and then try again in 10 minutes? Lol. 


None of our scheduled reports are working and anything I try to export fails, help desk tells me it’s because my refresh is “in progress” but it’s never not “in progress.” 

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@echollet from what I understand is if when kicking off the export, the data is more than 4 hrs old, a refresh will done before the report is sent out. nothing should fail.

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Yup that is my understanding as well, its an order thing. If the data is within 4 hours the export just goes ahead, it it hasn’t in longer than 4 hours than a refresh is trigger, export put on hold, refresh completes, export progresses, so that initial one will take slightly longer(according to Docebo) May have made one of my usual reports need to come every four hours to maximize the refresh :)

Okay, thanks all! This is helpful in confirming these issues are not on my end, lol. The help desk has escalated to their tier 3 team. Fingers crossed they can figure this out quickly for me. I’ve been having some major issues with my platform lately. It’s disappointing.