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Does anyone know how course ratings are calculated?

  • 24 February 2022
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We have just turned on the course rating (the 1-5 star rating per course) but it is not clear from the knowledgebase how this is calculated. I am assuming it’s an average of all ratings, rounded to a whole number?

t appears there’s a idea suggestion to give admins more data on how many ratings have contributed to the overall rating seen, so that means there is no way to have this information in reports?


Best answer by Lucy.blake 24 February 2022, 13:16

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@JMouatt I’m sure I found a way to get more detailed information about the ratings but it’s currently escaping me.

This is what I found on Docebo you’re right it shows an average, I’m assuming they use the mean and not the median or mode but you can never be too sure.


@Lucy.blake Did you ever remember how you found more detailed info?


It is critical for us to be able to see how many users have contributed to a rating. Is our 4 star course rating based on 1 rating or 100? Docebo, please add this functionality.