Enlarging a Video training material

  • 22 June 2022
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I am uploading a video training material and I would like to add the option to play the video in a new window in order to increase the size of the box the video plays in or to make it play in full screen. Is this possible with a video/record your screen training material? If so, where do I find that option?

4 replies

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Hi @JSDickey are you using an actual video file or a link to streaming service? If the latter, think you set those options at the source to display the full screen option; can't recall if there is a “new window” option on Vimeo. If using a video file, the only option I see is for full screen so if you're using the file option, you may want to look at using a SCORM wrapper where you can specify that it plays in a window when once you’ve uploaded it:


This comes up for Scorm files but not for video files. How can I get these options to appear for a video, specifically an MOV file? Thank you. 

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right, don't think you can...this si why I suggested putting your movie file inside a SCORM wrapper…

you might find this useful:


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@JSDickey - When viewing videos, learners have the option to watch in full screen mode by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the video player.