How do I edit the foreign language versions of my pages?

  • 4 August 2022
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I’d like to edit things like “Institute Beta Test” etc

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Hi @lrodman 

If you have access to the Localization Tool

you can make adjustments.

You can import languages (haven’t done that, not sure what you need to do here) or you can edit a given language to adjust some phrases, &c.

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I think I figured it out - this isn’t a localization thing, this is for editing my own user created pages


The localization is on a per-widget or per-object basis, not a per-page basis (a lot more work to do but its ok)

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Each widget can be localized individually as long as you have your languages activated.

You need to click the globe icon, then turn off the setting that uses the same text for all languages, click on the language you want to edit, then add your localized text for each language.