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How do I remove enrollment deadlines from users in a learning plan?

  • 11 October 2021
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Several learners mistakenly had enrollment windows added to their enrollments in one of our learning plans. How do I remove those “Active from” and “Active until” dates?

Clicking “Edit Enrollment” allows me to change the dates, but I want to remove them completely. 

Clicking “Reset Date Range for Access” does nothing. :thinking:



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5 replies

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You should be able to go to that learning plan, go to Enrollments within it, and edit the enrollment (three lines near the X for deleting it at the end of each user’s row) and can change the dates or enrollment there.

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Perhaps this is a bug because when I click “Reset Data Range for Access,” nothing happens. 

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That is strange behavior.  I tested in my platform, and was able to remove those deadlines using the process you outlined.  You may need to open a ticket to that have that looked at?  

I wonder if there are enrollment deadlines on individual courses within the learning plan that are keeping the dates from being changed?

Will it let you set the enrollment end date far into the future (as a work around to let the user take the content)?

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Holly, are you looking here? 

I got to this by performing the following steps:
Click the Admin gear

Click Learning Plans

Click on Enroll Users in the row matching the Learning Plan in question

Click on the hamburger (three lines the red arrow is pointing to)

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OK, talked to Docebo Support. The “Reset Data Range for Access” link removes the dates. 

It was just a bit confusing because there was no confirmation message. You have to click back in to see that the dates are removed.