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Is there a way to play sound when a video is upload in Docebo?

  • 11 September 2023
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The videos take a good bit of time to upload and I’m not good at sitting idle. Typically, I do something else on a different screen/pc. My challenge is that if I wait too long after the download to confirm it, the upload fails, and I have to start over.  

Is there a way to play sound when a video is upload in Docebo so I don’t miss the window for success?


Best answer by Daniel 12 September 2023, 01:03

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4 replies

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@dianex.gomez As far as I know, there is no way to play a sound when a video upload is completed in Docebo. Just out of interest, how long are your videos and roughly how long does it take to upload them? Ours are usually less than 10 minutes and upload in a few minutes at most.

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@Daniel I think the longest one in this batch was 11 minutes, most were 3-5 minutes. They upload lots faster than they use to, but even 5 minutes is beyond my attention span. I have to keep busy so much to do. I was in the moment when I wrote this on the third try of the same video. I think I will submit an idea for those of us that are a bit ADD and need to multi-task. On the priority list, this is a nice to have. 

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Hi @dianex.gomez .

I cannot answer to the Docebo side of this question, but as someone whose attention tends to wander, I can suggest just setting a timer to go off every 4 minutes or so until you’re done uploading. I often have to rely on these sorts of solutions when task switching so i don’t neglect whatever it is i’m waiting to complete. 

Hope this helps.

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Yes, a timer is a great option to use. I use a program called Stickies to create little desktop notes with an alarm set to go off at a desired time. I mainly use it to set reminders hours or days in advance, but you can also use it for much shorter time frames.