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My Team feature

  • 21 August 2021
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Hi all!


We have a fairly small user base (~130 members), and I’m just starting to look into the My Team feature.


I do like the team dashboard, but, does anyone know if there’s a way to build and run reports on just a team? Our team leaders would each have about 30 members, and it would be great we could build some automatic reports for them to review. When I create a new report, I don’t see any “team” option.


We also have some users who belong to two departments and would report to two different supervisors. This seems to break my relationship. Here’s what I’m trying:

Bob → HR supervisor → direct manager → direct manager → direct manager/“CEO John”

Bob → UX supervisor → direct manager → direct manager → direct manager/“CEO John”


What I really want, is for “CEO John” to be able to drill down through all the different teams of teams. But with my structure, he can go through the teams, but he can’t view the Supervisors’ teams (he never see’s “Bob”).


I hope this makes sense! I’m wondering if I should build user groups + poweruser profiles instead of building up teams?


Thank you!


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HI @Sarahh sadly, reports are not part of the standard My Team options. To get around this, we had to grant our Managers Power User roles with access to Dashboards and Reports. If you are integrated with ‘your HR system, you could look to leverage the API’s to assign these roles automatically. It works quite well and does not require any manual updates once it’s set-up.

Another function you can assign if you go down this route is the Observation Checklists...These are a great manager tool as well.

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Thank you for confirming this! 

I’ve decided to go ahead and create new automatic user groups instead. This might end up working better for us anyway since it’s automated (we aren’t integrated in with our HR system at all at this point).


I’d love to use the Observational Checklists at some point! This could be a good onboarding tool. Though in our case, our Supervisors split and share onboarding training based on their availability, so the checklists wouldn’t work for us right now (I can’t find a way to share the same checklist with multiple users).


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HI @Sarahh you can assign the checklists under the Schedule tab…


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Thanks for the screenshot! This would assign a copy of the checklist to each person, right?

I’m looking for a way for our users to literally share the exact same checklist, so:

  • user A checks off a few items on the checklist
  • then user B opens that same checklist, checks off a few items
  • then user C opens that same checklist, checks off a few items
  • then user A reopens that same checklist, checks off a few items
  • etc, until checklist is completed

I don’t think this workflow is possible at the moment - I always get to this page and wish I could assign the checklist to more than one custom user :grimacing:


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do you mean that you want a checklist to be handed off in sequence so that each user can add to it? if so, yes you are correct that this not possible right now...good one to post on the idea site though.

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Yeah! Exactly that. I’ll go ahead and post this on the ideas portal.

Thanks for all your help!