New reports data refresh frequency - does it need configured?

  • 20 September 2022
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Hi all!

I saw last week the post that the data refresh frequency has increased to 12 times per day effective yesterday 9/19.  Does this need configured anywhere?  Is there a default frequency or is it a set cadence?  Once an hour from 8-8 or every other hour for constant 24 hr updates? Would like to know how often it is being refreshed.  Thanks!


Data Refresh improvements for reports

Starting on September 19, 2022, a new method for refreshing the data for exporting and previewing reports is available, increasing the number of data refreshes to up to twelve occurrences per day as well as adding the ability to schedule reports at a specific hour during a chosen day.

5 replies

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My understanding is that they just increased the quota you have for manual refreshes, not that you can schedule the refreshes (hopefully an improvement coming soon to take advantage of the new quota)

Still not seeing the new quota yet though, from the way it is phrased I bet it is rolling out across instances and will take a few days though.

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@Bfarkas oh wow really??  That’s like giving a kid a lollipop only to find out it tastes like black licorice!!  I hadn’t seen that the refreshes were still manual and that it was just the quota count being increased.  This is disappointing if the case.  @pmo Do you have any details on this?

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I hope I am wrong, but that is my understanding, hoping I am wrong though :)

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It appears I am half wrong!


Check that article out. So seems like you control the refreshes by scheduling reports, kind of cool. Also has the details of rollout, check it out!

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Hi everybody, 

yes please refer to this article to have all the information. 


@Jtischler no configuration is required for the new data refresh, but we are doing a progressive release meaning that we will activate it on a subset of platforms each week, with the goal of completing the process by October. 

Once the new data refresh is active you will no longer find the manual refresh, but the data refresh will be triggered automatically when 2 conditions are met: 

  • a report export is requested
  • the data are older than 4 hours 

I hope this can provide some clarity but I remain available for further clarification.