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Observation checklist - instructor evaluation

  • 14 September 2023
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So we had an online class yesterday. After the class, we wanted to evaluate the instructor so we planned an observation checklist to be available on that day to the class manager. The checklist was customized so that the observer was my class manager et the user to check the instructor. I made the checklist available in my manager ‘’task list’’. 

After completing it, my manager wanted to change an answer so he cameback to find the same checklist but no answer saved. I figured it just repeated the checklist. But is there a way to change answer to the old checklist? And is it possible to not repeat the checklist after completion?

Also how do you guys track reports of those checklists?

Thank you


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As far as I know, once a checklist is submitted it cannot be changed unless it’s rejected by the approver. 

There are no checklist reports so everything is online only. you will need to add the menu item “My Checklists” or view via  Checklists under My Teams (for managers)