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  • 12 December 2022
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Can someone help me figure out how to get a field to populate under our Salesforce Organization Chart?

Admin Gear> Salesforce Manager> under Synchronize Users>Configure> Organization Chart>Use Additional fields Hierarchy


Something has changed with the way our sync occurs and all user are going to one branch. Prior to whatever has changed, they would sync to their respected sub-branch. We have been working with support with no forward movement and are running out of time with the Holiday’s and New Year approaching. The field is available in Salesforce (and has been for years), it is just not populating on the the drop down under Use Additional Fields Hierarchy. We do not know what changed nor our original set up (we acquired the platform, I will be taking a screenshot of all settings once this is resolved to prevent this in the future). Can anyone provide any guidance or suggestions, please?! 

  • We need users to sync from Salesforce to a Sub-branch based on the Branch field in Salesforce.
  • Currently, all users are going to one branch & Use single Branch is checked under the Organization chart. 
  • We do not sync Contacts so settings there are not an option.


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