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Adding Zoom Link to an E-Learning Course

  • 11 January 2022
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Hi all! I’m super new and trying to help a user create a course. It’s set up as an E-Learning course, but it’ll have both synchronous and asynchronous instructions. We can add the Web Conferences widget, but there’s no green + sign and we cannot add the Zoom links. Any hints? Thanks in advance!



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Hi @ErorrMsg you can only add Zoom meetings to ILT type cannot add this to eLearning type

Thanks! Are there any other options for this type of blended learning course? 


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We use MS Teams internally, but have a few courses that are taught by external vendors who use Zoom. When scheduling the ILT Session, you create an event for each Zoom meeting, tick the Video Conference Tool option, and choose Custom Tool. This allows you to add the external Zoom link for learners to have a JOIN button for. :-)  Good luck!


If you record the Zoom session, the recording will be available when you access the ILT session again, similar to if the course was an e-learning one.
As I am in the same situation as you with some partners, I have otherwise asked the partner to provide me with the zoom link (user or admin), downloaded the file then uploaded as an e-learning course, effectively hosting it within Docebo

When they had the web conferencing feature you could add a Zoom meeting, but they removed that function as of October 2021.

Another way you could do it is to add a Course Widget and put the URL of the Zoom link to the meeting.  However, it will not track who attends from there.  You will need to do that from Zoom.

It would probably be best to suggest this in the ideas area.  I think many folks with the new hybrid situation need both.