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How to Pull Reports on Courses Created

  • 9 April 2024
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Good afternoon Docebo Community - As we are getting ready to launch, I’ve got a few questions I’m going to be submitting to you all in a series of posts.


Here’s the first - How can you pull a report of the Courses created in your LMS? There doesn’t seem to be a way to just pull that list. (We can only pull user interaction type of reports.)




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@kljenkins0502 You can’t write a report to do this 😣, but you can get it from the API Browser.

You can open the api browser with this URL: https://<yourinstance>



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You actually can get a report of all of your created courses without it being tied to user information, but it is not a report that you can schedule.  You have to do it manually any time you want this information.

  • Go to your Administration Menu, and select Course Management
  • Check the desired course titles from Course Management by selecting the boxes beside the title on the left, and using “Select All,” if desired.
  • Select Choose Action at the bottom of the screen → Export Courses Data
  • CSV report with a comma separator and column headers
  • Select all desired information.  If you want details, you will have to make selections under Course Properties.  If you want info on Training Material or Sessions and Events you’ll have to make more selections.
  • Please make note that each of these different heading sections will provide separate reports when generated.  If you want a very basic list, the first few options may be all you need.


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@KMallette and @trose23 THANK YOU!!! It seemed crazy to me that there was no way to just pull a list of courses. I appreciate both of your insights.