Keyboard shortcuts to control video in uploaded video

  • 14 July 2021
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I have uploaded a video as a learning object in a course. I can use the spacebar to play / pause the video as is standard browser behaviour - anyone know if I can use any other shortcuts to go back/forward in the video? The mouse is annoying because the controls fade out after a few seconds and my learners will need to frequently start and stop the video at specific points.

1 reply

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Hello @ChristinaC Great question! I’ve experimented with a few shortcuts that may be helpful for your viewers, but it does seem to depend on the browser and platform where the video is housed. For example, videos hosted on YouTube have access to these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Down/Up arrow to decrease/increase volume
  • M to mute/unmute
  • J to rewind, or Left Arrow
  • K to play/pause
  • L to forward, or Right Arrow
  • Shift + J to Fast Rewind
  • Shift + L to Fast Forward
  • Shift + > for Fast Forward with Voice
  • Shift + < for Slow Motion

Hope a few of these will also work in your configuration, too!