Regularly Scheduled Company-Wide Webinars

  • 22 April 2021
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Hello All, How do you promote and manage company-wide webinars that are regularly scheduled? Do you set up a course for each webinar? How do you promote the webinars in the platform? Do you mind sharing your best practices?

3 replies

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depends on the tool being used and the meeting type...if the meeting link is the same each time, we’ve used the “Custom Tool” link instead of the integration options and found that works well.

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Yes, we do this weekly for multiple sessions. We have an integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom (Had to do both because often we have so many our Zoom account is full and we have to use another platform).  Additionally, we use the “custom tool” option any time our third party companies need to train with staff. 

Regarding your question about creating new courses, when covering the same content we typically do not create a new course, only a new session/event for each. This allows for the ability to report on the various sessions and attendance. The one limitation here is if the participant needs to go back through the course a 2nd time (maybe a annual topic, or for retraining, etc.) it will save you a LOT of heartache if you do create a new course (just archive the course, not delete it or you lose your tracking record, we often just throw the year in the title or a creative code).  There are a few we do this for, but the majority of our courses are items someone would go through as a new hire, so we don’t run into issues of Courses that have lasted for years with multiple sessions. 

As far as promoting items I have a monthly news letter I sent out that lists all the courses, if it is mandatory for a group to attend then I enroll the required staff in at the course level, then send a notification asking them to select the session that works best for their schedules. 

One last think I will add, if you are using the Custom Tool to add in webinar links that you are not in charge of. Have them send you the invite, if it is a Teams invite there isn't usually a URL associated with it, the text is hyperlinked. Right click on the title and copy the link, this will allow you to enter  your webinar link in the Custom Tool and function the same as any in house sessions you may create! 

Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything I can show you in our system, always happy to share. 

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