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  • 7 September 2021
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Hi All,

I’m creating a new hire onboarding channel - most of which is nearly done but I was wondering if anybody had found a way of our new hires ‘meeting’ or talking to each other through the channel?

I know that individual courses have a forum option, which would have been ideal, but they’re not available in channels. The Question and Answer page might also have been an option however notifications of new questions or comments only go to experts, so other new hires wouldn’t know that anything had been asked.

Has anybody tried to do anything similar and found any unique workflows to foster discussion within a channel or group of users?



4 replies

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Hi @SineadFormby 

An improvement that will be available within the end of October is the capability for the QA widget to configured to show Q&A of a specific channel.

In this way you can create an Onboarding Page, using both the Channel Widget configured to show a single channel, the onboarding one  and the improved Q&A Widget configured to show only the Q&A for the Onboarding Channel

something like this 

Welcome to the onboarding page

Channel Widget with onboarding channel

Q&A widget with only Q&A about the “Onboarding Channel”

(new setting - will be available end of October) 


Do you think this could be a suitable solution?


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We have a “discussion channel” for our new hires and here are some things we’ve done to get conversation flowing. You’re right about the lack of notifications alerting users to new stuff added to the Q&A and that’s a bummer for us too so we’ve done several things to encourage discussion:

  1. We put a “Discuss & Share” button on the home page. During onboard our new staff get a brief intro to the lms and the discuss and share feature is introduced. We also put a custom widget that says “Let’s Talk” to draw attention to the Discuss & Share as well as a quick tutorial on how to ask a question or post a comment (I have attached a screen shot of our home page)
  2. When the user clicks the Discuss & Share button it takes them to another custom page that is essentially the Q&A widget. (see attachment)
  3. We titled the page “Let’s Talk” and we renamed the “Answer Now” link to “Reply Now” using the localization tool so it makes it more open to “discussion” as opposed to just Q&A.
  4. We periodically post questions that get the learners thinking and sharing. So we might ask a very general open ended question to share one thing they learned in their first week of the program. Or if there’s a question that’s being commonly asked by staff, we’ll post the answer. Like last week, a few asked how they could print an asset that had been uploaded, so we “asked and answered” in the Discuss & Share.
  5. We use gamification to reward learners for participating in the discuss & share (Q&A)
  6. In a few of their onboarding learning plans they are given a homework assignment (uploaded content to a channel) which requires them to post an answer to a Q&A widget on the asset. The directions require them to post their “answer” as well as reply to another’s answer. This helps get them acclimated to answering and responding in the Q&A widget. 
  7. The one good thing about notifications - the user does get a notification when a response has been posted to a question/comment that they initiated. 

Hope this helps!

Thank you both, really helpful to know what’s on it’s way and what I can be doing until then!


Hi again!

I’ve seen that this has launched, which is fab - a quick question though. Is it filterable by cohort within the individual channel? We’re going to have cohorts set up, so would they be able to see the Q&A from all previous cohorts?

Thanks in advance