The power of TAGS

  • 19 May 2021
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Getting the most out of the Universal Search feature is sometimes a challenge...To get your content, courses and other assets proper visibility and to make sure they appear in user search results, use the TAGS option to include those keywords your users would typically use to find the content. Sometimes it’s not enough to use the auto-generated tags and I found that using the course title (in some cases) gets that asset to the top of the search results.

Tags are really useful when used fully.

8 replies

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I would like to add to this that you should always check the auto-generated tags. We had some really weird and sometimes funny results, like the word “pinocchio” or “hobbit”.

Pinocchio was a word that indeed was dropped in the video (once) but still it was funny to see it in the tags section.

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@abartunek agree totally. I found when training admins, this is usually a missed or forgotten step. In addition to the fact that getting to the tags is not obvious, this does not help matters. I did some testing with tags to enhance search results and can confirm they work well but that all depends on having proper, relevant tags to begin with.

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I know I’m late to this convo… but I can’t find any information in the Knowledge Base (or maybe my search abilities are lacking) on how to edit or add tags to a course!

Help me Obi Wan you are my only hope.


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HI @Dahveed you can edit tags at the Learning Object level only (the course inherits these)...To edit, 

  • goto Training Materials and select EDIT for the learning object
  • on the left of the panel, click Additional Info
  • you will see the tags and can edit them here

Please note that getting to the tags varies depending on the object type:



for a Test

Videos and most other learning objects

Slide Converter:


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Awesome! Thank you!

You are a scholar and gentleman.

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@Dahveed :blush:

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I have been asked by our internal taxonomist to provide a list of all tags we use and will be subject to future standardization.  Is there a way to search, manage or export all tags within the platform?


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Great tip @lrnlab . We achieved the same using an additional field at course level.