Using Zoom for a vILT

  • 14 September 2021
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We are wanting to utilize Zoom for vILT (video Instructor Led Training) on our Docebo platform. We tested it today and it seemed to work fine - we started the webinar at the correct time, our team was able to click the JOIN WEBINAR button and it launched the Zoom meeting successfully. I was hoping that the Zoom window/stream would be embedded in Docebo, like a video player on a webpage, as opposed to launching Zoom and taking them out of the Docebo platform.

Is there a way to embed the actual Zoom meeting into the Docebo platform? Or does it only launch the Zoom meeting through the Zoom app? Are there other video conferencing apps that do embed into Docebo?

3 replies

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Did you ever resolve this or hear back from anyone?

I’d like to know the answer to this question as well.

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The only way to do any type of embedding like that would involve basically building your own custom application using both the docebo API and the Zoom API. The link out to the relevant video conference platform is the standard behavior for things like this and all that is directly available at this tie.