Reports for tracking unenrollments



I am needing a report that shows all course/session unenrollments- which include:


Name of the staff member

Name of the IL session

Date of the session

Date they unenrolled


Does anyone know if this can be done?


Thank you

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Hi @angela. difilippo 

To obtain the data you’re seeking, I think you need to use the Audit Trail feature versus running a report. 

  1. Admin Menu gear
  2. Audit Trail (under Settings)
  3. Click on the Filter icon
  4. Set your date range
  5. Scroll down to Enrollment Events and select User unenrolled from a course
  6. Click Apply Filters
  7. Click the Export icon (upper-right corner) to download your audit trail report


Hope this helps!

Hi Viola


Thank you for responding.  I was in the Audit trail but can’t see what ILT session date they unenrolled from only the name of the ILT course.


So have just about all the information except for the actual date of the ILT session which I need


Take care