Havard Manage Mentor (integration into Docebo via Go1)

  • 27 January 2023
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Hi all - I’m wondering if anyone else has taken the Harvard Manage Mentor modules via Go1? Our integration is not working properly (completed courses are not updating to show as complete on the learner’s record). We are getting a lot of messages from users. Docebo, Harvard and Go1 seem unable to get to the bottom of it. Becoming very frustrating. Would appreciate hearing about any similar experiences or advice on how to resolve. Many thanks, Andi 

4 replies

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Unfortunately, we are running into the same issue with Intellezy courses from GO1.  I just opened a ticket for it last week and have yet to hear of any resolution.

Thanks - that’s interesting to hear. We’ve been asking for resolution for months…. no progress at all. Very frustrating.

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Hey! I had the same issue with Harvard courses and they sync within like 24 hours - my POC in Go1 also said that apparently it takes a bit of time to sync that status.

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I believe this is a known issue for the Harvard courses. Despite appearing complete on the Harvard side, it never “talked” back to Docebo. That has been an issue for us since at least 2021. As a workaround, we created an html lesson called “Mark as Complete” and made it the end object marker. Not the greatest experience, but it’s better than not being able to complete the course and it sitting “In Progress”. 


If you want to track retention, you could also create a custom assessment or quiz based on the Harvard content and making that the end object marker instead.