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Did you know that when businesses are unhappy with their learning technology and want to switch, integrations are one of the most common reasons? 😲 The fact is, if your software tools don’t talk to each other, it’s really hard to get the data you need and to execute on your strategy.

Integrations are really, really important. But for many businesses, they’re also intimidating. Does this resonate for anyone out there? 

That’s why we’ve been trying to give integrations some love lately 😍, including a webinar with Brandon Hall Group (check out my summary post on it for the Coles notes), and a brand new blog, called Level Up Your Business with LMS Integrations

If you’re curious about why integrations matter, why learning systems are a smart starting point, and how to plan integrations that will profoundly improve the way your business operates, be sure to check them out!

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