Can you only be enrolled in one session for an ILT?

  • 5 December 2022
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I don’t otherwise see how to view different sessions. I thought I could do a webinar week where each day is a session - but it seems like that’s the wrong way to do it?

6 replies

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There is no way for a learner to go in and enroll into other sessions, unless they go through the option to change a session.  


If you have a week-long training on the same topic, I would set up the topic as the session, and then each day would be an event.  And then you can set the session to be marked as completed if a user attends a certain number of events:

This way the learner can see all of the events in the session and attend any number of events they want.

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Thanks for the quick reply! <3


That is very unintuitive haha.

So basically there should always only be one session?


This is for VILTs so that doesn’t work as cleanly

In this instance there are separate gotowebinar links for each one hour session. four today, three tomorrow etc.


We’re not mandating attendance so that’s not a factor.

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Agreed, the session vs events nomenclature always gets me, because my brain always thinks there are sessions in an event, not the other way around as it is set up Docebo?

So we set up courses with multiple sessions, because it is the same training happening every month, but it is assumed that we are not going to get a lot of people attending more than once. 

If you are having a training/webinar that folks attend whenever (and multiple different times if they want), it could work to only have one session and add your events to it (nice thing is you can add a different video conferencing tool to each event).  Then every different topic (or session) can be it’s own course shell.  Which might make for easier reporting actually - because then you can report on completions per course shell rather than drill down to the attendance of events.

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Sadly I botched this webinar series and the GTW links went out already in a massive email blast so I can’t make any changes - good news is we have hundreds of registrants on GTW and like… 5 on docebo (we’re still in roll-out, endlessly it seems) so it should be ok :) 

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There’s a few threads around describing pros and cons of each setup/method around here, might want to read through for the next attempt.

couple things though -

hopefully the coming changes for multiple attempts and requirements helps with this to some degree. 
you can enroll a user into multiple at the same time using the API, so it’s another reason I built out the scheduling and registration tool to help get around that issue. 

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I agree the naming is confusing.


I always describe the session as the group of people so, for example cohort 1. Then the events are the sessions that group will attend. So you can have multiple groups (sessions) and if you want the same group to have multiple sessions you need to create multiple events.