Channels surfacing assets as opposed to displaying courses

  • 24 November 2021
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I’d like to assigned assets to channels as opposed to applying courses and I can’t find that option anywhere in Docebo. The reason why I’m asking that is because in our case we don’t want to be “forced” to grant certificates to viewers that are coming to our website just to read simple setup guides that we provide them as PDFs files. 


Valeria Gregorio

3 replies

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Hi @valgregorio if your assets already exist, you can assign them via the “content” tab on the channel...If you need to create your assets (links, docs, PDF, etc.) you would need to use the Contribute option on the channels or via the Share Content page.

Hi @lrnlab 

I’m a super admin and manage all the educational content for a Lifesciences company’s professional educational website. That website is only intended to be a resource for customers (HCPs) and the PDFs we post are only product setup guides (PDFs) that they can access and be able to read/download etc.

We don’t want those reference guides to be used as “courses” with certificates etc., that would be such a roadblock for them - they don’t have time to spend trying to figure out what buttons to click, where to open the PDF or having to download the PDF to be able to read it.

I never though “assets” were content uploaded as “contributions” by other people. “Assets” on our previous LMS was a designation to files in general (videos, SCORM, PDFs etc.)

Do you know if there is a turnaround for that issue? I was looking at “external link pages” and widgets where you can include an external link and attach that to another built in page and then display the PDFs. Don’t know if that is possible or not.

Thanks anyways,


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Hi @valgregorio 

You can proceed in this way:

Create one (or more) channels for these PDF from the channel page with the plus button. Select “Custom Channel” 



After you setup the channels with “Expert Only” upload permission. In this way only the Superadmin(s) and the people you define as expert of the channel can upload content to the channel

If you want to show the channel only to specific people and not the entire company you can set also the VisIbility



Now you (and the Expert you selected before)  can now upload the PDF to the channel, you can use the contribute button top  right, or the contribute page (if you activated it in the menu you are using) or you can also create a custom page with the contribute widget 




In this way you can share PDF, Links, Images, Docs in the Channels you created.


When you create a new channel it will be visible to the users in the All Channel page and Widget, so you don’t have to do anything to make them visible.

The “all channel” page is active by default in the menu in all the new setup (you can reactivate it if deactivated from the “Manage Menu” item) 

Anyway you can create also something more custom, like a page with widget showing only specific channel (one or more) and not all the channels,  you can do that creating a new page with “Manage Pages” and adding the channels widget to the page. 

Just a suggestion, if you do the custom page with the widget consider to add also the channel Q/A in the same page, with the Q/A widget

Hope it helps