Date_Complete doesn't show on certificate

  • 15 May 2024
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Hello everyone,

For a mandatory training (e-learning + test) we created a certificate with amongst other fields the:


After some struggle, it works fine (thanks to the help desk for that)

Now I am ready to launch a second mandatory training with the same certificate. To my amazement the date_complete does not show on the certificate. Even though the test is marked as final element and I took the (published) course as a regular user after discarding previous certificates and previous inscriptions.

The other fields shows with both trainings. My uneducated guess is that the certificate is fine, but I fail to see the flaw in the training settings.

Grateful for any suggestions.


5 replies

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Hard to say without seeing your set-up...never really had issues with certificate short codes. Are you seeing the completion date on the course? You might also check the code(click this icon, < > ) to see if there are perhaps any  hidden characters that may be causing the issue?

Hello Irnlab,

Thanks for the swift reaction.

“Dimensioneer...” is the e-learning made with Articulate and published under scorm 1.2.

“Is alles...” is the test made in Docebo and marked as the completing object.


This is the result:

no date in the field  although there is a completion timestamp in the list of participants. See below.
The last column is the timestamp of completion.

The same certificate-template is used to deliver a certificate upon completion of another e-learning:

Different date format, but at least there is data in the field. There are no hidden codes in the HTML.


That is why I think, the glitch isn’t in the certificate, but elsewhere.

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agree the code looks good...have you tried removing it, saving the changes then adding it back?

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Hi there,

Providing your certificate source code is correct. Remove the certificate from the user and then straight after re-issue the certificate.

This should present the Completion Date on the certificate upon retrieving the latest version of the certificate.

The certificate still refuses to show the completion date in one course, but is fully cooperating for another course.

We found a workaround with the [today] date. The today date in the pdf remains unchanged. That works for us in all courses.

So we work with that. Problem avoided.

Thank you all for the reactions.