Set Up Google Analytics to Show Aggregate Search Query Data

  • 24 November 2021
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Set Up Google Analytics to Show Aggregate Search Query Data
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As a LMS admin, it’s important to understand the type of content users are searching in order to make an informed decision on which topics of content to invest resources to develop. Therefore, having the ability to track and report on the search queries users enter into the global Search bar with an LMS can be very impactful.


Because Docebo generates a predictable URL containing the user’s search terms on the Global Search Results page, we can set up a filter to tell Google Analytics how to interpret the URL.




 :rotating_light:  This tutorial requires that you already have Google Analytics set up in your platform. Follow the instructions in this article for initial configuration steps.


Once Google Analytics has been set up, go to your Google Analytics dashboard, select your Docebo account/property, and click the Admin Gear in the bottom left corner.

In the View column on the right, click the “Filters” option.




To set up your filter, give your Filter a name- such as “Search Results”

  • For filter type, Select “Custom” and choose the “Advanced” option.

  • Field A -> Extract A: Request URI: ‘/learn/global-search/(.*)’

  • Output To -> Constructor: Search Term: $A1

  • Select ‘Field A required’ and ‘Override Output Field’

  • Click Save.


The end result should look like this:


With this configuration, the value that comes after /learn/global-search/(...) will be captured in the “Search Term” area under Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms.


Please note that it may take 24-48 hours for results to populate in Google Analytics and will not retroactively capture search terms.

6 replies

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Hey @pmo thanks so much for this great guide.

Any insight to the guide for iframing certain GA elements to use for a dashboard like you showed during Inspire? I believe it would contain info about special cookies to complete this task?

I would like to setup what you had on your Dashboard page with certain GA data iframed in. Thanks!

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@JZenker That dashboard was created using Google Data studio. It was created by our in house web developer and so I have a little less insight into how to walk you through that. 

I have been tinkering with Google Data studio and trying to backwards engineer his creation but unfortunately it’s had to take a back seat to some other projects. 

Have you tinkered with Google Data studio at all? 

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Thanks @pmo I’ve come across it in my research and know that it is necessary to accomplish this goal. Is creating this guide still on your roadmap at all? Really interested in recreating that aspect of your dashboard 

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Hey there,

I cannot seem to get this to work for our platform. I see other data coming through from our Docebo platform, but day after day, nothing appears under “Site Search”.


I’d appreciate it if you could take a look at these screenshots and help me diagnose something I am perhaps doing wrong?


Thank you so much, in advance!

Brandon | CAVA Restaurant Group


Filter setup
Behavior → Site Search → Overview (nothing appears under “Search Terms” either)


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@B_Volkman_CAVA The most common issue I see is that people set up their property as Google Analytics 4 instead of Universal Analytics. The quickest way to tell if this is the case is if your property ID starts with “G-xxxxxxxxx” (GA4) or “UA-xxxxxxxxx” (Universal Analytics).  The property ID can be found in several places but it’s easy to find if you just look at the Javascript tracking code that you pasted in the Docebo App. Docebo doesn’t support GA4 yet so it needs to be re-set up as a Universal Analytics property. 

Something to check... 

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Is this ’/learn/global-search/(.*)’ ‘ an API that can be used without Google analytics?