Can I get monthly ACTIVE USERS numbers (or report) through the API?

  • 27 December 2021
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Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to pull monthly active users numbers (or the whole active users report) through the API?

4 replies

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Unfortunately at this time it's not possible to get this information via api.

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@alekwo- couldnt you figure this one out though with course access over the last thirty days?

Because that is what active users is a measure of - a count of people engaged with any course over the last thirty days.

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Hmm, it’s too bad you can’t call the active users report through either the API or the automations module. Could you go off of just last log in date? Not perfect, but better than nothing, could just be a standard “Returns list of Users” GET /manage/v1/user and then do either sort or filter or both by the last_access_date and just do the last 30 days?

Hey guys,

We are in the need of the same functionality, so I logged a feature request about it. You can upvote it if you find it useful :)