How to configure the recipe schema to accept and update new field coming from workday and update

  • 28 February 2023
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I have a request to add a new employee field as additional field in docebo on user level.
LMS admin has already created a placeholder field in the user additional fields.
how can I update the schema to map the new employee id value coming from workday and update the additional field in docebo?

3 replies

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Badge +2  Could you please describe how Docebo and Workday “talk” with each other?  SSO? Docebo Connect? API? The methods for each of these would be different.

we are using the docebo recipe which consumes the workday Raas report.
Actually i am not able to get the field id of the additional field created by LMS admin.
For that I need to call that user api which will give me the field id. Oath authentication is failing

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Badge +2 I’m sorry to say I don’t have any experience (yet) with Docebo connect. Our issues have been with SAML and SSO, and in those cases, it had to do with the field names not getting mapped correctly. But if your authentication is failing, I don’t think that this is related the field mappings. I’m sure your working with your IT team to investigate how the Oath authentication should be configured.